Karen Lee Andrews

Karen Lee Andrews (Ms Murphy), Australian singer and musician, Blues Band
I was honoured to converse with this beautiful soul, feeling an instant connection between women who value authenticity and the art of humanity.”

— Music Journalist, Ms Hennessey.


Karen Lee Andrews has reconnected with her guitar, hitting new strides and a unique style, which can only be described as Oceanic Blues. And now this commanding woman of soul is back with her original music and her EP “Far From Paradise” to set stages alight. The depths of her voice unlimited, she is already a fast festival favourite. 

Karen has that rare gift to communicate the unspeakable. Cameron Adams, from the Herald Sun, says, “Ms Andrews has one of those authentic sounds you hear. You can tell she has lived and loved.” Her sensibility allows the audience to surrender to the music; the experience is mutually warm and commanding. Paul Sheehan from Sydney Morning Herald states, “She is one of the most original and dignified talents to emerge in Australian popular entertainment in a long time. She manages to be both imperial yet vulnerable.” 

Karen had to know how to get the best from every instrument, every singer. To do so, she called upon the music she loved as a young girl – Soul. Blues and Gospel. In the crowded Andrews family home in Koonawarra, a young Karen listened to her brother’s Motown records and the satin voice of Stevie Wonder. Singing along to those golden hits, and traditional Polynesian songs, was merely part of everyday family life; This would become the foundation of her original style – Oceanic Blues. 

Oceanic Blues is the newest sub-genre of the Blues. Oceania’s narrative tradition and the introduction of American Blues, Soul and Gospel since the 1960s, has shaped this distinctive style. The roots of the sound are gritty guitar, glowing valves, lush tremolo and deep reverb in a distinctively fluid Oceanic expression. This sound carries the mood and tones of Oceania expressed in rich, warm vocal tones. 

Karen Lee Andrews debuts her new sound and EP “Far from Paradise”. This EP mines the vibrant blues and soul at the heart of her musical heritage. 

Andrews mostly tours as a formidable trio, teaming up with Yanya Boston on drums and Adam Ventura on bass –  two exceptional musicians. Each musician is outstanding in his or her own right, but the dynamic of the group is exhilarating to witness! The trio delivers a classic hard-hitting blues rock. On occasion, Andrews performs with a full band, which includes Shannon Stitt on keys and Rawhiti Turnbull on lead guitar.

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