Iconic Music. Iconic Artists

When you think of Texas Blues, you think of Stevie Ray Vaughan or Chicago Blues, Buddy Guy or John Lee Hooker, the king of Detroit Blues. Every branch of Blues is inspired by a city or region and is embodied by an iconic artist who captures the soul of the music. 

The Spirit Of The Blues. The Blue Pacific. 

Oceanic Blues is the newest subgenre of the Blues. Oceania’s narrative tradition and the introduction of American Blues, Soul and Gospel since the 1960s, has shaped this distinctive style. The roots of the sound is gritty guitar, glowing valves, lush tremolo and deep reverb in a distinctively fluid Oceanic expression. This unique sound carries the mood and tones of Oceania expressed in rich, warm vocal 

A Culture Of Storytelling Has A New Story To Share 

The wave of American music that impacted the region in the 1960’s coincided an upsurge of migration to American and Australian cities as 1 in 5 Islanders far from home, working endless hours to support their families back home add their unique flavour to the Blues. 

When The Blues Meets The Pacific, A New Wave Is Born 

Oceania describes the thousands of islands that are scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, spanning from Australia across to the south, as far as Hawaii. The region is best known for its warm tropical climate, an abundance of beaches, active volcanoes and coastal living. Oceania is steeped in ancient customs of oratory, dance and music, passed down from generation to generation. Each island is unique, while their close ties have created shared values.