Sounds of Oz - Far From Paradise 


Author  Lauren - Sounds of Oz

Critics of The Voice like to say the reality show hasn’t produced any stars. Perhaps if you take that to mean artists selling truckloads, it’s true. The singers from The Voice certainly don’t have the profiles of Australian Idol’sGuy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Jess Mauboy, or Anthony Callea. Personally, I take a different view of stardom. While fame is exciting, true stars shine simply because they’re doing something fabulous. When you consider that definition, Karen Lee Andrews, better known to The Voice audience as Miss Murphy, is the genuine article. 

Of course, The Voice didn’t make Ms Murphy shine so bright. Her talents were already in her. But they gave her a platform to showcase them. Surely they helped open the doors that see her releasing her latest EP Far From Paradise. 

What a collection of songs this is. Soulful and bluesy, with so much heart and pain. They feel like instant classics, delivered with so much class. 
Opening track “Love You” eases us into a more soulful space, with its earnest declarations and easy groove. “Troubled Mind” is a delicate soul piece which shows the power of restraint. It’s driven by pure emotion and Karen’s powerful voice, which slays each and every time. 

After the tenderness of the first two tracks, the dark swampiness of “Going Down” is like a bolt from the blue. If you thought Karen Lee was all sweetness and light, this is the track that dispels the notion. The EP is rounded out by an extended version of “Higher,” an earlier upbeat release which feels right at home here. 

What a talent Karen Lee Andrews is. Hopefully, she won’t leave us waiting too long for a full-length album. Far From Paradise is a stellar EP, but it leaves me wanting more. 

See Karen Lee Andrews performing at Blues on Broadbeach, the country’s largest free music festival, from May 17 to 20.