INTERVIEW: "There was a period of time where Karen Lee Andrews stopped playing music"


 A period of time where Karen Lee Andrews stopped playing music 

Jennifer Perkins - Gigs2U

“I didn’t play any music, do any gigs, I completely put down my instruments and didn’t want to do anything. I was definitely disillusioned with somethings and had to take the time to reflect and understand what had just happened.” 

For those of you who don’t know Andrews, you might know her as Ms Murphy. She shot to fame after appearing on The Voice in 2013 and winning audiences over with her huge and smoky voice. She didn’t win but she was a finalist, and with that came a record deal, connections, fame. Something that Lee was not necessarily prepared for, or perhaps even suited to. 

“Being with a label, sometimes you feel pressured, especially when there’s money involved. That feeling of needing to deliver something, almost on demand, was a little bit too much.” 

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