Karen Lee Andrews Trio

The Stag & Hunter Hotel, 187 Maitland Rd , Mayfield NSW 2304

Karen Lee Andrews Trio and Support Artist, Codi Kaye

Codi Kaye is an Australian singer songwriter with a focus on writing and singing songs that fans can relate to and use as motivation to improve their life circumstances from what they might have been. Codi Kaye's songs are very confronting and thought provoking and many fans confess to being reduced to tears and/or experiencing "chills" or "goosebumps" when listening to one of her originals. Codi Kaye songs deal with the often thought taboo subjects of teenage bullying, youth suicide, domestic violence and struggles between one's self and conscience. All of this, and the songwriter, Codi Kaye, was 16 years old when she wrote her first few originals. Listen to these songs - share them with those who most need them and enjoy :)